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Oct 27, 2013
Salisbury, Wiltshire
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Quick heads up! Just had an e-mail from Revolut, they're offering medical insurance for 99p per person per day in Europe. USA £3 per day, rest of the world £2.50 per day. It's based on geo-location so they know when you are abroad & charge accordingly. Also offering Annual travel insurance plan for £30 (per person?). Seems like an OK deal. £15M emergency medical cover, £300 emergency dental cover.

Edit. Just read the small print. Hmmm. 40 day limit & only "covers accident, bodily injury or sudden serious illness that requires emergency treatment whilst on a trip. In the event of medical treatment becoming necessary which results in a claim under this insurance, you are responsible for paying the costs to allow Us or Our representatives reasonable access to their medical records & medical background". :unsure:
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