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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by South_Wales_Lady, Sep 30, 2015.

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    We've got a 2012 Swift Bolero, bought second-hand with a twin lens reversing camera driving mirror already fitted. The image has become unwatchable, and at a local dealer we swapped the mirror out for one they had on another motorhome and the picture was perfect so it looks as if it's our monitor that's at fault. We, and various other professionals, have twiddled the settings umpteen times, including resetting to defaults, but nothing has improved the image. We tried to find a replacement monitor but there are no markings as to make, model etc on the mirror at all, and the closest we came was an RVM-700, but that has a 9-pin plug, whereas ours has a 6-pin (photo attached, showing existing pin on the left, 9-pin on the right). The dealer we had it off couldn't supply or make an adapter so we've had to send the monitor back. We really don't want to get a complete new kit because we would possibly\probably have to rewire the whole van again and fit a new camera, also we've heard wireless kits are pretty unreliable. Ideally we would like to make a new 9-pin monitor fit our 6-pin system - does anyone know if that is at all possible?

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    is it possible yes but you need to know the pinouts of both systems which I assume you don't. 2 pins for camera, 2 pins for camera, extra pins for extra cameras its only 12v so play with it and work out what is what.

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