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    Hiya please can you kind helpful people help me solve a problem. We had the motorhome on hook up at home, I started to hoover the motorhome, and within a couple of secs it tripped all the electric in motorhome and in the house as well . I put the trip back up in the house and that's all fine, but the reverse polarity light came on in motorhome and nothing will work in there, the charger unit won't switch on to charge, and none of the sockets or the mains lights will work . What do you think is our problem?
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    definitely a damaged hookup lead.

    with the house breaker turned on and no power whatsoever to the van can only mean a broken wire in the lead...probably the neutral wire which may trigger the rev pol light depending how its wired.

    as the house breaker now stays on it wont be a short circuit....but it could have been the original cause.

    if you have a multi meter then test the hookup lead for continuity on all three conductors.

    a normal reversed polarity situation WILL NOT EFFECT the function of any 230v appliance or socket providing both live and neutral are present.
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