Retrofitted a NX5 security/CO/gass alarm to Hymer Exsis-I


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Aug 12, 2016
Vestskogen, Norway
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Hymer Exsis-I
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I wanted to be sure I had a good quality CO, narcoses, fire, smoke, gas, CO2 etc. alarm in my RV. I selected the NX5 security alarm system, which has lots of options and lots of features which I like.

I mounted a package containing wireless door sensors, wireless motion detector for mounting outside the vehicle, and extra, loud siren for mounting outside, a panic SOS alarm button (also optionally a wireless, portable button) and a gas detector.

The unit has several modes. When we sleep in the RV, the door alarm and outside motion detectors are active. If theres motion outside the door steps, the light outside is lit. If there still is movement outside after I think 20 secongs, the alarm sounds inside to awake the occupants. If I want to, I can activate the SOS button which activates the alarm with both inside and outside sirens, and the outside light flashes rapidly to attract attention / scare the trespasser.

If you only want the door sensor and the gas detector you can activate that. Or only the gas sensor. It detects more then 30 different gases, from smoke, CO, CO2, propane, butane and different narcosis gasses aswell. Really a clever solution which I'm very happy about.

When mounting it I try to follow my mantra of trying to do as little permanent damage as possible, to allow for dismounting when / if ever I need to.


A short video of my install is here:

Please ask questions if you have any. I've found little information on this subject.