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  1. new2rv


    Aug 29, 2008
    How many of you out there are in the same situation?

    I am nearing retirement and would like to sell the big house, down size buy a nice big RV and spend the winter months touring southern europe in the sun. The problem is where do I find a suitabl property in the uk for the summer? It would preferably be in a nice countryside location with secure storage for the RV. A nice new large Park home or Lodge on a piece of land would be ideal.
    Has anyone been through the same process or found the answer?
  2. paul&stella


    Jul 6, 2008
    There are 2 or 3 Park Sites in and around Hastings which seem countryfied! However, for petes sake, do read every scrap of thier 'small print' because there are many, many rules and regulations on park sites.
    We bought a villa in Turkey several years ago with a view to early retirement in the sun, it all looked wonderful, the white-washed villa, the blue sea etc etc. 5 years on and we are glad we didn't 'burn our bridges' and that we stayed here in our comfortable home, even though it will mean working longer.
    Nothing has changed in Turkey, its us thats changed, so I do urge you to think very very carefully before selling up your home.
  3. Road Runner

    Road Runner

    Jul 26, 2007
    Why buy a property? live in the RV.

    Maybe for security buy a small property and rent it out maybe?
  4. RuthRv


    Jan 4, 2008
    you are right when you say before buying a park home that you need to check it out properly, however if it is residential park (permanent) not a holiday park, then you are protected by the MOBILE Homes act, yes there are rules but you can find all these out before you proceed check out the owner of the park too, we have lived in our park home for 12 years now and it is fantastic, and our m/h is only a few minutes away on a secure storage site so we have the best of both worlds a permanent residence and then freedom to winter abroad if we wish, you need to check with the park owner if its ok for you to be away for a few months, our park owner has no problem as long has he gets his ground rent while you away.

    One of the upsides of living in a park home is that it is very safe, we have at times forgot to lock our car, shed, front door:Eeek: but we feel very safe, and it a very relaxed way of life. They also go up in value just like bricks and mortar so when you sell your home you still have an asset in your park home and if you are lucky enough to make a bit of money by selling your bricks and mortar home then you could have money in the bank also, and be MORTGAGE FREE:thumb:.

    Good luck with what ever you finally decide on.:Smile:

  5. keith

    keith Funster

    Aug 25, 2007
    We are in the process of changing to a Park Home & if all goes well we will be in later this month. ::bigsmile:

    This is a new site (see my signature link) & the owner was quite happy with us parking our motorhome by the side of the Park Home. Not all sites will welcome you with open arms as they only have small plots, our site is unusual in have room for motorhomes. We started negotations to purchase while we had an RV & although it wasn't seen as a problem, parking it alongside the Park Home was not going to happen. :Sad:

    As has been stated, if you decide to go down this route look at as many Park Home sites as you can & their rules, many are just not interested in you, only their profit. :whatthe:

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