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Sitter Available Responsible 'World Schooling' Family looking for temporary homes around Europe


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Sep 28, 2017
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Hi all

I am the dad of a British couple with three children, all of whom are very responsible and loving of pets. We are wanting to show the children how people live in different countries whilst also being able to provide an occasional home for them as we travel around Europe in our motorhome - see my signature for link to my web site about it all.

We have lots of previous experience and I recently spent some time in Orgiva Spain house and pet sitting where I managed to look after 3 dogs, 8 chickens and a cat for just over a week. Our children also want to own petting zoo / become zoologists in the future and have all made their own decisions at an early age to become vegetarians due to their love of all animals so any new experiences for them would be great!

Why we want to house sit
We are hoping to break up our journey around Europe in a motorhome by house sitting along the way... we are taking our children on a big adventure before they start high school - giving them a real view of The World rather than just from the TV / books. We'd love for you to help us live our dream and would be VERY responsible with your home / pets in return.

Our experience
We currently have 1 very small (and super friendly) Jack Russell dog who is going to be travelling with us, 2 gerbils, a tortoise and 2 chickens at our current family home... so are very used to all things pet related! I have had pet dogs all my life and my wife grew up on a small holding with horses, dogs, cats, sheep and chickens.

Where and when
Our current plan is to head North from our home in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK in April 2018 then catch the ferry to Holland in May before making our way North through Denmark, Sweden into Norway then over the top and back down into Finland and Estonia before heading South around August / September so we are in Spain and Portugal for Winter 2018 however none of this is FIXED so we are open to offers anywhere in mainland Europe :D2


Jan 29, 2014
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Sorry that I can't help, but it sounds like a magnificent adventure and I wish you fun and fortune in your travels. Your children should have a wonderful education from this and a great start to life.
Very best wishes.


Oct 12, 2008
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Heading south around August?
Well, I'm down south west of France near Toulouse, and could be interested 2 or 3 weeks in August.
No pets but a house and a stadium GATE to keep shut at all times. Might sound dead easy... not that much!

Will have to talk about it all nearer the time may be? Does it sound ok to you? Many things to take into consideration before I can confirm this option. Coming first: my dad's health...
I don't think details will be of any interest on here. If any important question PM me.