[Req] Ireland to the Continent: Cutting Costs and Hassle

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  1. FrCrilly


    Mar 16, 2008
    Hi All,

    I am based in Ireland and I am planning to buy a motor home with the intention of going to the Continent as cheaply and conveniently as possible. So far I have devised the below cost and time cutting plan. Can I ask experienced motor home owners if there are any aspects that they think are not viable or if they have any further suggestions on how to cut costs/hassle.

    Thanks In Advance for all responses

    1. Cutting Ferry Costs.
    (a) Book well in advance and try to go when ferry crossings are cheapest.
    (b) Take the ferry as a sole passenger with the minimum booking of one reserved seat. (Later down the road, pick up all guests at cheap Ryanair back end of nowhere airports that fly to/from Dublin). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume I would not be allowed to sleep and cook inside the motor home itself during the ferry crossing.

    2. Getting from port to Destination Country
    (a) I would try drive on motorways all night and then sleep inside the motor home itself during peak traffic times. This would involve parking and sleeping at petrol stations/motor stops. Is there any reason to believe I can’t do this? Is there anything I can do to reduce the diesel costs of the journey?

    3. Pick Up Guests at Ryanair Airports
    (a) After getting the hard part over by myself, I would pick up my guests at whatever Ryanair airports in the general locality that offer the cheapest flights from Dublin (and likewise drop them back to such airports for the return journey). The holiday starts here.

    4. Handover to a partner
    (a) Buying the motor home with a suitable partner (based in my Irish locality who I know and trust) could allow me not only to get the cost of buying the motor home down, but could also allow a co-operation efficiency as he/she could fly out at the end of my holiday and start their own holiday while I fly home (again, through cheap Ryanair airports). This would not only bring down the Ratio (Cost of getting the motor home to/from the Continent) : (Total No of Days the Motor home is on the Continent), but would also save me the hassle of a long drive and ferry crossing home. (As we’d live in the same locality, both our luggage requirements could be accommodated).

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