Remote control for DVD head unit - HELP!!

Discussion in 'Auto-Trail' started by carlandflo, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. carlandflo


    Dec 20, 2008
    'evening all,
    Despite having had our (55 plate) Cheyenne 696G since Christmas, we only recently had occasion to use the in-built DVD unit in the dash.......
    HOWEVER, search as i might, i couldnt find the remote control for it, and the written instruction manual for the head unit might just as well be in Chinese for all the good it is (probably translated from Chinese anyway!!!).
    Spoke to supplying dealer and he tells me that everything he had was in the van when we collected it..... spoke to Autotrail and they cannot provide a spare as they buy the units in and there is only one per van....
    What in gods name are we supposed to do????? Ditch the head unit and replace it with another??
    i guess i could try contacting the previous owner, but i sense a problem here as MY supplying dealer bought the van from Chelstons when they off-loaded a few in September last year through the trade (i think they were getting a little short of funds...) and i have a feeling that either Chelstons or my dealer have lost the remote...

    Any views folks - or anyone have a spare remote unit???? No name/mark or brand on the head unit so no help there either...

    fun and games eh?
    Carl and Flo
  2. Bryan


    Jul 19, 2007
    Why not buy a universal remote from aldi, lidl, nettoe, argos, asda etc. (costs about £5) and use the 'scan' function to see if it has the codes for your unit?

    If it has, great, if not, most of the shops listed above will allow you to return it for refund.

    Another option is to borrow any and all remotes for dvd players (especially the portable type) off friends and fellow campers that you can, and try it with yours. Your unit may be the same as theirs but in a different format.


    PS. Post a picture of your headunit, someone may have the same unit, you never know.

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