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Jan 5, 2008
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Caravan factory to lose 290 jobs
Nearly 290 workers are to lose their jobs after a company's decision to end production of caravans in Hull, trade unions have said.

Leeds-based Endless is buying Cosalt Holiday Homes but wants to close the caravan-making factory in Stoneferry Road because of a slump in orders.

The GMB union said a total of 289 jobs would be lost while 40 staff remained in the luxury holiday homes division.

Endless said the factory had been making losses of £750,000 per month.

This is a kick in the teeth for the local community".

UCATT spokesman

After talks with site managers GMB official Ken Vincent said the workers and their families "do not know what tomorrow will bring for them".

"GMB has today put a claim for an enhanced redundancy package to the new owners and we are waiting for their reply," he said.

"The first priority of the new owners should be to look after the workers and provide them with enough cash to enable them to keep their families while they look for new work."

Construction union UCATT said it was "very disappointed" by the news.

Regional secretary Derek Johnson said: "This is a kick in the teeth for the local community".

'Not viable'

A spokesman for Endless said Cosalt Holiday Homes had been operating in "very challenging trading conditions".

He said: "The fall in confidence arising from the threat in recession and the rapid cooling of the property market has led to a steep fall in demand for holiday homes.

"This has had a particularly harsh impact on the caravans side of the business at Stoneferry Road in Hull, with losses currently running at £750,000 per month."

Endless said some jobs could be preserved in the arm of the business which provides lodges and higher-end caravans, but the caravans business operating from Stoneferry Road was "not viable unfortunately".

A consultation exercise with staff and unions has started.

Investment director Mathew Deering said: "We recognise that the proposal to close the Stoneferry site represents a difficult and regrettable outcome.

"However, we want to give the lodges business the best chance of survival in very difficult market conditions."


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Sep 8, 2008
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factory closure

Sad to read your recent report and terrible for those folk directly or indirectly involved.

I have just bought a Bessacarr E560 which as you now is basically the same as the Swift 680Fb
How have you found these vans and have you had any probs. reported with control panel.
was previous owner of swift gazelle and Royal and went for bessie as no Swift agents nearby

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Aug 20, 2007
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It was on the local news yesterday.

Hull, already a depressed area, is undergoing massive rejuvenation, and this really doesn't help the local community.:Sad:

There's already massive unemployment there.

The first sign of recession....and the chancellor thinks he's going to borrow his way out of it.

I hope his credit is valid.
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Sep 23, 2008
roche cornwall
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biggest problem in uk isnt the government its the lazy ,idle, incompetent staff who want too much pay for too little work input. when is the uk going to learn if other countries can work harder so can they. its a night mare trying to employ reliable staff ,thats why so many companies pull out of uk. the worker is his own worse enemy, speak to anyone running their own bussiness i am sure they will agree with me. if you cant do it yourself you wont get anybody else to do it either.

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