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Discussion in 'Fifth Wheelers' started by huskieracer, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. huskieracer

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    Can anyone recommend any sites for 5th wheelers in Europe?

    Looking to escape the UK for a while and really want to tour France and Italy with a 5th wheel rig. Looking at a 30-33ft trailer so I am expecting sites to be a little limited so any help will be appreciated. Any tips for full timing abroad would also be appreciated.
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    Oct 16, 2008
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    I am going to do a similar trip incorporating Spain & Portugul in Feb for a couple of months,, I think we are going to opt for a Celtic Rambler,,

    I have done a lot of checking (web sites) and this seems to be an acceptable size,,26-27ft,, over that size I think you will find sites very limiting.

    And if like me you have toured be it UK or continental in a 29ft coachbuilt MH or a fair size caravan will find 5ers with only one slide out are cavenous.. :BigGrin:

    Hope this bit of info helps,, I have looked for many weeks into the pro`s and con`s of various 5ers and trucks, to be used here in the UK and on the continent.
  3. huskieracer

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    I agree with you that a 26-27ft 5er would be easier to site but looking at the rambler there is not enough wardrobe space, great for a weekend get away but not for fulltiming in.

    I have looked at these for 3 years or so now and only the trailers with a bedroom slide can really be a serious choice.
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    We full time in a 36ft RV, the biggest problem is finding sites that are actually open in the winter, most only open during the season, June - Aug or early Sept.
    However, due to the cost we rarely use commercial sites anyway.. so we use mainly French aires but aires don't permit caravans, I have seen the odd big 5er on an aire but they are usually moved on within 24 hrs.

    Parc Verger near Limoges can accommodate large rigs and is open all year.

    The South of Spain has plenty of winter sites that will accommodate a large outfit but to benefit from the discounts you need to stay at least two months, shorter than this you will pay the going rates.. and they are not cheap. In general Spain isn't motorhome friendly with very few aires or safe stopping places.

    Portugal is better for free camping, the police are far more relaxed than their Spanish cousins. There is a book out on free camping in Portugal, Motorhome Trails - Travel Guides for Motorhomes

    To date I've avoided Italy, too many I have spoken to have reported small cramped pitches unsuitable for anything resembling an RV, roads south of Rome off of the main drag are reported to be dire.. but cannot confirm.

    Germany has an excellent network of stellplatz (aires) which as far as I know have no restrictions on vehicle type or size, they are generally larger than the French aires. A good book is the Bordatlas Reisemobil International - Bordatlas - der Stellplatzführer. which you can buy at most German newsagents.

    There is a good selection of books and guides here
    Vicarious Books Motorhome, Caravan & camping book specialist, aires guides and campsite guides from Europe.

    good luck with your plans

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  5. huskieracer

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    Thanks for the info, may have to scrap plans for Italy then:cry:
  6. moandick

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    Landrake, Cornwall
    If you want to see lots of sites that will take an RV of your size, complete with pictures of 5'ers on them - then look <here>
  7. huskieracer

    huskieracer Deleted User

    Thanks will take a look.

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