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Jul 27, 2013
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20 inch wheels are a little small for off roading
But they’re the biggest wheels for sensible folders for motorhomes. You can get 24 or 26” wheel folders but they take up far more room. Both my folders (one ‘e’ one not) have 20” wheels and both are fine on tracks etc. They have Schwalbe tyres. They handle fine, though with e-bikes you need to be more careful on unmade surfaces. They’re not mountain bikes, but they’re fine on bridle paths, tracks, old railways, tow paths, fields etc. I prefer riding my Trek hybrid with 26” wheels but I can’t carry it in my van.


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Nov 4, 2022
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Nearly 3 years ago bought a Seago e city folder with 20" wheels. Developed for the motor yacht sector, bought through a marine chandler, not a bike shop. It goes most places, although I use it mostly to ride to the train station, fold, get aboard then cycle in Londinium to the office/s.

For more fun we each have his n hers Cyrusher XF650 fat tyre e bikes that literally go anywhere. Cyrusher do a folder, and a step through that is an option as we get decrepit
Jan 7, 2023
Bath, UK
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Other half has a mirider on 16inch which he loves I have a whoosh rambletta which is on 20inch wheels both good bikes which we have used a lot this year, I pull a trailer on mine for the dog too.

Can I ask - does your rambletta have the front fork suspension (they all have the seat suspension)? I was about to order two of them, but they don't have the suspension ones in stock.

I wonder what the non-suspension one is like to live with (a simple test run is not enough to decide that).


Jan 8, 2010
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My wife has a Raleigh Stowaway that cost about £1400 and is on 20”wheels and she is very pleased with it.
It also fits into the Van garage without folding so win win. My bike is like a standard drop handlebar racing bike but electric and also fits into the garage.
When we bought our first van we bought folding bikes with suspension a wide tyres for off road riding so we were surprised when they fitted into the garage without folding.

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