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    Hi All,

    I've been umm-ing and arr-ing for a while on whether to buy some form of 'Dash-Cam' for the MH. Despite having a penchant for gadgets and boy's toys, there was the serious side of having video evidence of any incident. Last year, I got rear-ended by a guy in France (before I get the 'lucky you' comments, it was the MH:roflmto:). All was kosher, BUT what if he had said that I reversed into HIS vehicle? Wouldn't have a leg to stand on eh?

    So the question was, what sort of camera would I get? I made a mental checklist of priorities:-

    • Not expensive - not too cheap
    • No adhesive mount stuck on the windscreen
    • No suction mount that would decay and fall off
    • A unit that I could easily remove
    • A unit that couldn't easily be seen from outside the vehicle
    • Something lawfully compliant that wouldn't obscure the driver's view
    • Didn't want one with integral GPS
    • Didn't want one with Bluetooth

    Eventually, I avoided the cheap ones on ebay (no offence if anyone has one) and started watching endless videos on the Techmoan website. However, almost all on the website had some limitation or other, either price or functionality.I finally opted for a rear-view mirror mounted jobby.

    Beware though; some of these mirror-mounted cam's have their lens fixed and are only suitable for L/H drive vehicles because the lens will only move in concert the mirror angle. Mine has its lens projecting down from the main assembly and is rotatable - almost to 360deg. (you can turn off the video screen and just use it as a mirror when driving. It will just record covertly)

    It satisfied everything on my wish list and after a week of using it, I have to admit to being impressed. The main feature that appeals is that it's swappable between vehicles. (At the moment, I've been testing it in the car). It has approx' 2m of 12v cable, terminating with a cigar plug. I've just loose-laid the cable at the mo', but eventually, I will tuck it into the trim when in the MH.

    The video quality is pretty good too. Although it can go 1080P HD, I found that to be a bit 'juddery' so I just leave it on 720P which is smooth and captures everything I need. Should also get some nice video of the hols this year.

    I bought it from Amazon, (in case I needed to back-it easily!). It is currently on offer at £42.99 (reduced from £78.99). It's made by E-PRANCE and model is, 4.3" 1080P Car DVR Driving recorder/rear view mirror. Takes about 10 days to arrive and the instructions are crap, but easy to set up anyway.

    Oh, and you'll need to buy a Micro SD card to go in it. I bought a 32Gb card which gives approx 5 hrs of video. Don't be tempted to buy a cheap card - needs to be a good make and 'Class 10'. I paid 18 quid (which included the larger adaptor) at a local PC World because I couldn't be bothered to shop around!

    Sorry about the exterior car picture, photography in the bright sun is not my strong point!

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