Rapido 997M Auto: Data Sheet required

Discussion in 'Mercedes' started by goneoff, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Aug 19, 2009
    I recently purchased a Rapido 997M auto it was first registered in September 2005 although I understand it is classed as a 2006 model (well that's what it says on the user manual). I have all the documentation except what the user manual refers to as the data sheet. Would any one out there with a Rapido of similar age and model consider loaning me their data sheet so that I can have it scanned and printed. I would obviously return the original document by courier? Or alternatively if someone with the correct data sheet and a good scanner would scan the complete data sheet document and either burn it to a disk or email it to me I would be extremely grateful. If there are any costs involved I will cover them.
    By the way apart from a blocked drain I am absolutely delighted with the Rapido it's a brilliant vehicle.
    Many thanks

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