Rapido 770 1995 Fiat Ducatto 2.5TDI

Discussion in 'Rapido' started by Graham6905, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Hi there, Have just purchased a Rapido 770 as a toe in the water to see if we like the motorhome thing. It had a problem with the dealer before collection and was supposedly fixed. Hard to start and then would cut out, allegedly air leak in fuel line!!
    Anyway it was ok when collected, however, after I drove it to Sidcup from Devon enroute to home in France, stayed with son for a couple of days and went to start it up for the trip home, yes; you have guessed, very hard to start and when it eventually did a red warning llight came on in centre bottom of dash display( no caption and no FIAT hand book so don't know what it's trying to tell me), foot off accelerator and engine cut out. Same later and decided to set off back to dealer as I did get a warranty and the warning light went out and the cutting out was cured.
    Any ideas on the problem would be much appreciated as would a Fiat Ducatto 1995 2.5 TDI hand book!!

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