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Mar 12, 2013
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I`m a newbie, now 1 year
I have been expecting a local mobile repair man to come and repair my Thetford toilet, time arranged was 1pm at about 2.45 he rang he was running late, ok I can understand that no problem, , I can get this repair done under warranty, he didn`t like that as he said they don`t want to pay out, he then ask me to give him the insurers telephone no. for authorisation, which I did, he rang back they wanted the mileage, don`t know what that has to do with anything, anyway I gave it to him, never heard anymore, at about 5pm I phone his no. lady who answered said she would get in touch with him I askher to let me know the outcome, never heard a thing, until nearly 6.15pm, he rang, recon's he was waiting all this time to hear back from the insurers, they close at five, then he said they had rung him an hour ago and he has got the go ahead, but cannot do it until next Wednesday, right, he knows and the insurers know I am going away this Sunday, he could have let me know earlier I hadn`t taken my dog for her run, or filled up with fuel. , I am furious, especially with his attitude under warranty, if he had said when he was coming this afternoon earlier I would have paid him myself, but no , cannot get a word in edgeways with him, if he had paused for breath I could have told him this, but then again he knows it all, I contacted him on the recommendation of someone on this forum, well I will not recommend him, or have him to any of my jobs, I will find someone else, good recommendation is everything to a business, obviously he doesn`t need it, arrogant comes to mind.
A waste of my time for nothing.

Rant over,
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Jun 10, 2011
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Sorry to hear about your problem Margaret.

Alas, that kind of behaviour is all too common these days I find. There are some great people around, but there are a lot who don't seem to care how their actions (or lack of action), will impact on other people.

Hope you manage to get it sorted.