Rally Marshal's Handbook. Added Paragraphs

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    Two paragraphs have been added to the rally marshals handbook. The Rally Marshals Handbook Version 4 is here

    Rallies are not a business
    Motorhomefun Rallies are not to be run as money making activities. Whenever money for pitch fees or food is taken the aim is to break even. That said, Rally Marshals should never be out of pocket, if they spend their own cash for the benefit of the ralliers then this is to be reimbursed, either out of proceeds from the rally or via a request to Jim or Sian to make up any shortfall.

    Fundraising at Rallies

    Should you wish to fundraise for a charity at a rally then you must ensure that donators know exactly where their money is going and 100% of the collection must be passed to the charity. Rally Marshals must protect themselves by publicly posting in the rally thread the precise amount collected and show a receipt from the charity for the same.
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    I was just asking about this very thing on the fixit thread. Will like to keep myself right for Falkirk meet. (y)
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