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    At the rear of the motorhome, in the top cupboards either side, there are a pair of wires which I have been told are to enable the fitting of rear speakers. I had problems with the standard 'Peugeot' radio, so I got a new radio (Kenwood) at Shepton Mallet. I wired up some speakers to the wires in the rear but they seem not to be connected through to the radio / cab.

    Does any body know where the wires in the rear top cupboards runs through to?

    I also found that there is a single white sheathed cable (it seems to have maybe 4 very thin wires inside it of differing colours) in the rear nearside top cupboard. It is NOT a co ax cable.

    Any clues as to what that group of wires is for??

    Thanks folks.:Smile:

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