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Sep 17, 2016
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Happy New Year to everyone! As I am not using the MH at the moment, I decided to flush and change the antifreeze. I purchased an online manual that shows everything but what you need to know, plus it's all in Italian! I set about dropping the sump shield with a view to access the bottom hose to let the existing coolant out. This took about two hours and ended up grinding the head off of the last securing bolt! I then looked for a drain plug to save disturbing the hose, and eventually found a temperature sender on the lower left of the radiator under the bottom hose. I disconnected the cable only to find that I couldn't get a socket onto the plug nut which-it seems- is part of the sender unit. Does anyone know which size of socket/ box spanner is used to remove this unit? I guesstimate from my tools that it is not a 32/29 mm ring spanner or a 29mm box spanner, so I think it may be a 30mm? The other problem is that the crossmember now has only one usable bolt hole to tighten the bull-bar and the sump shield to it! I seem to remember fiddling a bolt through and tightening it up to crossmember, but this meant a gap between that and the sump shield. I had the same result when I tried welding a bolt in place.(Difficult, laying on your back underneath the engine!) My latest idea would be to carefully drill through the existing holes, push a length of threaded rod through, and then put a nut and washer on top, so that I can hold it with a spanner while I tighten up the lower nut. Just got to be careful that I don't drill through the bottom of the rad! Any ideas?
Apr 19, 2008
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Its not too bad a job to take the radiator out, access allows giving a good clean around engine bay and also flush radiator through with hose.

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