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May 29, 2020
Ferndown, BH22 9sg, Dorset, UK
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Hi we have a French Passport for our dog, the dogs rabies inoculation was completed in June 2020 in the UK and transferred to a French passport in 2021 (I understand this can no longer be completed in France).
The rabies booster is due in June 2023, we will be travelling to France in May 2023 and intend to have the booster completed in France at the end of May at the same veterinaire in Bayeux, that issued the original French Passport
Does anyone know of any UK or French border restrictions to travelling from the UK to France if there is a timing restriction until the rabies booster is due?
On leaving the UK the last date before the booster must be completed is 4 weeks and our travel time will probably be around 7 weeks.
Advice not abuse please.
Dec 6, 2011
South Wales
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rabies vaccination status is continuous provided the next booster is given before the expiry of the current vaccination. there is no 4 week waiting period.

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