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    Feb 26, 2013
    Just had a few weeks away, limited to that as I am still very much in the land of the working.

    However thought I would mention a couple of highlights.

    We took the following route, Channel Tunnel to Calais, Reims, Dyjon, Remoulins, Lla Franc (Spain), Carcassonne, Saint-Just-Luzac, La Rochelle, Alencon then home.

    Remoulins has a great Thai restaurant called Thai Royal Orchid, the aire is located next to a river which is crystal clear and great for swimming.

    Carcassonne is very pretty and the aire is huge and very close to the town.

    About a 30 minute drive from St-Just-Luzac is a zoo called La Plamyre, it is a great zoo. You can hand feed a lot of animals for example, there are high feeding platforms for the giraffes.

    The aquarium at La Rochelle is very good, much better than London.

    Alecon, this was a real surprise the town is really nice with many culinary choices. We ate at a Afgan restaurant called A Kaboul, can't recommend this place highly enough it was excellent. There are also a number of vets close by to sort out the doggy passport. We stayed at the municipal site which is about a 10-15 minute walk from town.
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    Nov 11, 2013
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    La Palmyre zoo 45.686488, -1.168118 is considered the best in Europe, five minutes drive from there are parking areas 2 minutes walk from the beaches Excellent
    45.682902, -1.180112

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