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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Green Bee, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Green Bee

    Green Bee Deleted User

    Hello All, Green Bees here again. Got shed loads of questions to ask but here's a little precursor as to what we plan on doing, which will hopefully give you a background to us. Any coments, critisisms or advice greatfully accepted.

    Why Green Bees, though I have UK experience of about 11 years of camper vanning in small vans, my partner has no experience at all. But we have shared a goal of buying a motorhome/RV and leaving Blighty in search of adventure and a "Life" Abroad, doing the do, sight seeing, seeing the world and meeting like minded people. To not get up at silly oclock in the morning when you dont have too etc. Our plan is for us to live abroad for 10 years+. When we go I shall be around 50 and my partner will be in his middle fifties.
    All things considered, health, money etc this is our plan.

    The type of vehicle we would like is a B, B1, C1 class Upto 30foot (Unless anyone can tell us that this length is not ideal or a good idea in their opinion and experience.)
    Reason we want this size is that it will be our home and feel that we will need the space for living in and storage. We've been looking at winniebago Aspects and a motorhome who we are not sure who makes it but its called Concorde.
    Left hand drive, automatic, converted to LPG.
    Ok that's our speck. so far, now for the questions....
    1) Does anyone mind giving a figure as a rough estimate as to how much it costs to run a motorhome for a whole year. taking into consideration, mileage, toll fees, ferry fees, parking, campsite fees, food, water, sewage pump out etc.?

    2) What type of insurance is available for long term motorhoming in Europe, in different countries.
    3)Is there a breakdown cover that covers the whole of Europe and beyond
    4)We plan to be gone for over a year from UK, and travelling around, not stopping anywhere in particular and not necessarily for long periods in one place. What do we do about MOTing the vehicle and taxing it?
    We have heard that motorhomers dont really bother once in Europe because various authorities seem to turn a blind eye. Has anyone else found this?
    5) is it easy to get american RV parts in Europe and what is the most common thing mechanically that goes wrong? Would it be sensible to carry parts with us. ie, new brakes, handbrake cables. bulbs, fuses etc?

    That's it for now, got to go and serve pud now. Still got loads of questions so hang in there!

    Green Bees
  2. pappajohn

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    Aug 26, 2007
    YO11 2BD
    hi greenbees,

    i can advise on two aspects....

    item this forum for A.D.A.C.
    a german company who cover the whole of europe including the UK.
    no size/weight limits.

    item MUST return to the UK for your anual MOT.
    if you have the mot you can apply for tax on-line but it will normally be posted to a UK address though it can now be posted to a named european campsite but i dont know the procedure.

    if you risk running without an MOT in europe your insurance will be must be taxed and tested regardless where you are in europe.

    others have mentioned costs in the forums and im sure they'll be along to advise but it can run into £10s of thousands depending on your circumstances/lifestyle.

    hope this helps a little.

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  3. david price

    david price

    Sep 28, 2008
    hi welcome to fun.
    Cost for the year can vary quite alot.
    Wild camp and aires will save you alot.Also we never do the toll roads.Tolls for a large van can be very expensive and you miss alot of little villages etc so no need to use them unless you are in a hurry.
    Someone should come along to help you about insurance but you will need to come back for mot and tax.
    Have a great time it sounds fantastic.Hopefully that will be me in about 8 to 10 years.
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Funster

    Apr 14, 2008
    Yours is a difficult question as it will depend how you see your trip. It can be a holiday where you are doing all the time , eating out , sightseeing , on the move constantly or it can be a way of life and you live in the motorhome as you would live at home but you still have to occupy yourselves and this is where the costs can vary greatly.
    We spent 6 months last winter travelling about 10,000 miles staying at 35 different locations and spent 5000 euros . We met another couple who stayed on one site for the winter using aires to and from and living very frugally and they managed on 2000euros and still had change .
    I expect that a lot of the long termers do not bother with all the insurance/legal stuff and use the money they save as a form of self insurance . You only know how good your policies are if you have to make a claim.
    To see if you can afford it you must do your own self audit

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