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    Firstly the questions :

    Q1 - What is the name of the official body that elects Popes ?
    Q2 - What did Robert Ballard discover in 1985 ?
    Q3 - In what century was English used for the first time in parliamentary proceedings ?
    Q4 - Which famous London street was named after a17th century MP for Morpeth ?
    Q5 - What is latitude 66 degrees north more commonly known as ?
    Q6 - What is the first name of Granny in the Beverly Hillbillies ?
    Q7 - What was the name of the Bionic Woman's Bionic Dog ?
    Q8 - "Travels into several remote nations of the world" is the sub-title of which popular novel ?
    Q9 - Which Scottish football team plays its home matches in the town of Coatbridge ?
    Q10 - Which three letter word connects the author H Rider Haggard and the singer Charles Aznavour ?
    Q11 - What is studied by an Oneirologist ?
    Q12 - Rutherford was the first person to 'split the atom', but in what year ?
    Q13 - From what is the incense onycha obtained ?
    Q14 - What mountain is nicknamed " the Tiger of the Alps" ?
    Q15 - In the USA, what is celebrated on the third Sunday in June ?
    Q16 - What was Mrs Beeton's first name ?
    Q17 - Which Musical contains the song 'Sit down your rocking the boat !' ?
    Q18 - In which decade did Constantinople change its name to Istanbul ?
    Q19 - In which European Capital was the World Council of Churches established in 1948 ?
    Q20 - In which month does United Nations Day fall ?

    Now the Answers :

    A1 - The Council of Cardinals
    A2 - The wreck of the Titanic
    A3 - 14th Century
    A4 - Downing Street
    A5 - Arctic Circle
    A6 - Daisy (Clampet)
    A7 - Max
    A8 - Gullivers Travels
    A9 - Albion Rovers
    A10 - She
    A11 - Dreams
    A12 - 1919
    A13 - Marine snails
    A14 - Matterhorn
    A15 - Father's Day
    A16 - Isabella
    A17 - Guys and Dolls
    A18 - 1930's
    A19 - Amsterdam
    A20 - October (24th)

    The Results :

    1st Place with 16 points Normandsue
    2nd place with 15 points Movan
    3rd place with 14 points Maz and Philcot

    5th place with 11 points autoswan
    6th place with 10 points Tofo, JJ and Shirlandy
    9th place with 8 points Ericonabike and Teddybard
    10th place with 7 points Matilda
    11th place with 4Wildman

    Now Normandsue left partway through the quiz, but you don't get away with it that easily and still should be setting next weeks quiz. Lots of PM's to be sent now


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  2. maz

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    Well done Normandsue - look forward to your quiz next week. ::bigsmile:
  3. movan

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    Dec 2, 2009
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    :Eeek::Eeek:Crumbs Peter, was that fiddled????/ I'm glad I had to leave before the end ... I was too far up for comfort there!!!!

    Well done Norman and Sue ... look forward to next week's quiz with you.:thumb:

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