Question about Truma water heater

Discussion in 'Heating and Air-Conditioning' started by timdownieuk, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Apr 9, 2013
    Whilst poking around tracing pipework I noticed this oddity in my system. I say oddity but only because I'm not sure how it works (although I can guess)

    There is a T-piece fitted to the heater's HW outlet, one arm straight, the other right-angled. The straight leg seems to be the HW feed for all the taps etc., the right-angle one is connected to an open pipe exiting through the floor. There are no valves on this second pipe, it's just open ended. It doesn't *look* like there's anything to hold the water in the system when pressurised. Would I be right in thinking that the right-angled arm is plugged with wax or something that melts should the boiler seriously overheat? image.jpg Tim

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