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  1. elande


    Jan 7, 2010
    Sydney Australia
    Hi All,

    We are from Australia and are buying an Auto-Trail Scout in the UK to tour around UK and Europe then bring back to Australia. What we would like to know is about power. We want to wild camp as much as we can and have no worries about power.
    We have order the van with 3x110 leisure batteries. It also has 1x 85w solar panel. We have looked at the EFOY system, looks great but price and finding the fuel is a problem. Also looked at the EG20 LPG self energy system. This looks like the one we need, but what do we need to have fitted to the van ? ...inverter, bridge, LPG tank etc...
    As we have no idea what we need, any help would be fantastic.

    Just some more questions:
    Can you replace the LPG bottles with a tank and fuel up at service station auto LPG bowser.

    Any tips on wild camping in UK or to stay for a while and not get & security....where to get fresh water...

    Once again thanks to all for you help..

    L & D
  2. old-mo

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Haughton, Stafford..
    Hi,, sounds like a trip of a life time. :thumb:

    Out of your list, the only one I would comment on is regarding changing your bottles for a tank..

    I personally would not, unless you intend to put a big tank on,, think you would be better of staying with gas bottles, especially in the UK,, where by there are not vast amounts of garages selling LPG,, where by bottles are freely available..

    Similar in Spain,, but France and Portugal dont think there is a problem, LPG stations (Garages) are plentiful..

    Hope fully some one will be along to answer your other questions. :thumb:
  3. iceni


    Dec 3, 2007
    Hi Mate
    You can fill up with LPG in UK at quite a few outlets. Most people use refillable gas bottles as opposed to an underslung tank. Its costs approx £450 for a 2 bottle system here in UK.

    This also gives you freedom in europe as all countries have different bottle systems and its a right mess. the refillable system overcomes all of this but make sure that you get the 3 adaptors so you can use in all coutries.

    Wild camping is possible in UK but you have to be carefull as its not actually legal but most roadside laybys are OK for an overnight stay but they will frown on if you get chairs and awnings out.:ROFLMAO:
    France on the other hand is brilliant as it has a network for aire-de-serv specifically for campervans and there is 4000 + in france alone. Some are free, some just a few euro. Most have water/waste and toilet dumping. Spain germany have a similar set up but with fewer sites.

    In the uk the 2 big clubs have a netwoork of small cheap sites with basic faciliites on costing a few pounds a night (3-7 quid a night for a unit with 2 people on average) and these can be a cheap way of getting half decent places to stay. You have to join the club to use these though. One club is the caravan club and the other is the camping and caravan club. Both have web sites for more info

    Thats the basic info. Ask away if you need specific info

    Good luck

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