Question about Bessacarr E520 Motorhomes

Discussion in 'Bessacarr' started by Anthony_rat, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Anthony_rat


    Nov 4, 2009

    My dad's thinking of buying a new or '08 plated 2 birth Bessacarr E520 Motorhome.

    Has anyone anything good or bad to say about this model? Anything would be usefull, from build quality, faults, resalve value, do's, dont's, MPG, Road Tax cost, Insurance etc.

    Basically anything he might find usefull before buying.

    Many thanks :Smile:
  2. keithfal


    Mar 6, 2010
    Worcester area
    Yes but ....

    Hi Anthony - weve got a 520 97 build without some of the new bells and whistles such as LEds and are changing it for a 2010 model which is now bigger in some critical areas such as the washroom, plus the silly carousel storage thing that sticks out into the general work area has been replaced with a decent sized and straight in line kitchen. Plus bigger fridge now. Resale wise we got back what we paid for it - not bad!:Smile:Mpg varies with how you drive - keep below 60 and you can get 30mpg. Weve got the bigger engine (130) which has good performance but makes you want to go at 70 which reduces fuel cons to about 23-24 mpg. Just returned from 3 weeks in Brittany - no complaints except for a recurrent fridge problem which we will be glad to get rid of with the new MH.

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