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    Good Morning all

    Just in case anyone in South Wales would like to have the Puncturesafe liquid installed in their tyres, below is the website of my local installer who I have just stumbled across.

    The website is www.puncturesafe-gwent.co.uk

    Contact Ryan on 07930753732

    Now I know it's not for everyone and everyone has a different opinion about the pitfalls of using this stuff, but if your are interested I have just had mine done, excellent very prompt service, agreed a time of 15.00 and 15.00 he was there.
    I found the price very very competitive I won't say what it was other than half the price of my local Caravan dealer, and prices do vary depending on the size and number of tyres.

    I have been using this method for the past 8 years and have never had any issues, my reason for fitting it was my wife drives the van and should she get a normal puncture chances are she would be able to get home safely.

    i have no connection with Ryan, in fact if he walked up to me I wouldn't know who he was as I was in work when he did the job, just reporting my Wife's comments and job he did.

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