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Discussion in 'American RV's' started by Dodgey, May 27, 2010.

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    Right, long shot this but.....

    The power plus swing down levellers on Winne, when we got her one of the stowed sensors (leveller in the up possition) was permanently lit, and at a guess this stopped the auto leveling/retract from working. I assumed faulty sensor. Anyway, over the past year two more have 'failed', ie light stays on irrespective of jack possition. They system worked fine manually.

    We're off tonght for a couple of weeks and brains here decided to have a fiddle last night as I'd like to get the auto side working, toys and all that:Doh:

    Easy, lets replace the sensor with a switch, result, front right and left rear jack up, down no problem, front left and right rear down fine but no up:Eeek:

    Now I've got the distructions with the extensive diagnostic stuff so had a look but all is pointing to the relay unit and/or the control. There is the obvious that idiot here has fried something sticking a switch in place of the proximity sensor (jack up), on top of whatever the origional fault was, as this does appear to work, shows 1.2 ish OHMs jack down and no connection when jack up.

    A couple of fly leads later and the jacks are all up but the system unusable and being we're off tonight nowt I can do with it untill we're home again, unless, anyone's seen/heard of this before, something silly(quick to sort)?

    Like I said, long shot but one never knows with you lot:thumb:

    PS Only one fuse by the look of things and it's blatantly fine, fly lead on fused side of power = big spark and jack retracts.

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