Power management replacement advice.


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Sep 26, 2012
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Hi Guys

Need a bit of advice please.

I have an Autocruise Starblazer.
My power management system is damaged because the fuses will not stay put in the holders. They are the type you put a screwdriver in and turn but they are quite old and the tops are cracked. One is held in with a slither of card to stop the fuse moving.

I decided to take out the unit I have now and replace the fuse holders to a screw in type that would stay in and can be replaced if they get damaged.

After taking out the unit and examining it saw that the back of the holders are deep within the unit and difficult to get to because the charger unit is in the way. My first thought was I don't use the charger because I installed a new intelligent charger that is really good and does a far better job than the original, so should I take that out and leave it out, to give me access. Then again what if it is also used for other functions of the power management unit.

So I decided (because I know nothing about van electrics) it would be a good idea just to swap the unit I have in the van now for another without a charger included.
I need an mcb for 240v and switch for van and cab, fuses for 12v and a battery condition display.

I want advice as to what I should buy. Every power management unit I have seen includes charger but there must be some that don't. Any recommendations?

It is not going to be a simple job to just unplug the old unit and plug the new in and away we go, so I need an auto electrician in the Sussex area who can do the job correctly.
I don't think its a major job for someone who knows what they are doing, but I know nothing about van electrics and do not wish to start fiddling about and make a complete pigs ear of it.
I really need an auto electrician to do the work for me.

Has anyone in the Sussex area got any recommendations for a good auto electrician?

Many thanks in advance for help


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Jul 29, 2007
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A simple household consumer unit with the right MCBs as used in many caravans and a simple control panel like a zig unit, plenty on e bay for sale without a charger, expect 2nd hand to pay around £20 for the consumer unit with MCBs and about £30 to £40 for a suitable control panel, it wont matter if it's capable of more than you want it to do, always good to have spare switches fuses ect
BUT as you need the services of an Electrician why not leave the selection of parts to him and avoid the problems of "well you supplied the bits" Ect

bill harris

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Oct 2, 2009
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You could try Johns Cross the would be able to sort it out
Glen is the man to speak to.

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