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    Web links point to pages or pictures on the web that you want to share with other Funsters. I often see people say they can’t post a link because they are on an iPad. This is easy to do so I thought I’d show you how.
    • Step 1 Open the Safari Web browser on your iPad and navigate to the page where the Web link you want to copy into Fun is located.
    • Step 2 Hold your finger against the Web link for roughly two seconds and small menu will open below your finger. Look for “Copy” it may not be there, it might be “Select All” Choose that and then the Copy item will show right after.
    • Step 3 Tap "Copy"
    • Step 4 Navigate to the Fun page you want to post the link into
    • Step 5 Hold your finger inside the Reply or new post text box until circle icon appears. Lift your finger from the screen, and a "Paste" icon appears near where your finger was positioned.
    • Step 6 Tap "Paste." The link will be pasted into your post. Eezy peezy.
    Give it a go, post a link in this thread :)
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