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Possible to connect a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 6 to the internet?

Jan 28, 2008
walthamstow east london
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renault burstner delphin
7 years campers before that
You dont need your phone to be a smartphone to tether to it go into setting then connections then see if there is a hotspot or tether option
Aug 4, 2019
North East Riviera
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Well, slap my thigh! That's an exceedingly noble offer and I'll certainly give it a go.
I've hitherto taken books/guides to search for sites when abroad or printed details from my home laptop before going but inevitably my nose frequently takes me along the paths less trod, ending up somewhere that I never intended to be.
I'll endeavour to send you a message via 'Conversations'. I can send you a SAE jiffy bag but you must accept a donation with which to do whatever you wish.
How exciting! Who knows to where my emergence from the primordial soup could lead me...........a colour T.V. perhaps?
Not only have you successfully managed to enter the mythical world of the PM conversation, youā€™ve taken me aback with the revelation that you already have the technologically advanced box containing grey moving pictures in the corner of your room....soon sir you shall have BBC 2 (unfortunately šŸ˜‰)


Nov 27, 2011
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A class
many many years! since I was a kid
Spriddler have you been introduced to the new non slip mats on the market? semi clear silicon based gel that sticks to any smooth surface (like the back of a phone or tablet) and resists slipping in the hand. Its great stuff as if it starts getting less effective, a quick wash with soap and water refreshes it. can be cut to size with scissors or a knife. People use it in cars for holding a phone to a dashboard or people with reduced limb function can use it under dinner plates as my mum did after a stroke.

modern technology is not purely electronic and this stuff may be a game changer for you. Injured service personnel are using it for a multitude of uses

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