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    Hi all,

    If this has been covered before, I apologise now, but I can’t find anything without spending ages searching.

    I now have a Hauwei E122 dongle on a 3 contract, which is faster than the previous E160G, however, very occasionally I have not been able to pick up a good 3G/HSDPA signal. In the past, I have reverted to the old Data Card and either the T Mobile or Vodafone PAYG sim cards, until I had my dongle unlocked

    This weekend my 3 signal kept dropping out, so instead of changing over the sim cards, and the profile too on the Mobile Partner, I kept the 3 card in situ and just changed the profile for the T Mobile one, and connected.
    It came up straight away, with a good HSDPA signal.
    To make sure that I wasn’t being charged for using another network, I went into my 3 account and checked usage and charges, and pleased to see “no charges”.

    I knew that T Mobile and 3 were teaming up to provide the UK’s largest 3 network, but didn’t realise that I could use my 3 sim via a T Mobile profile.

    I also discovered that Orange and Vodafone were possibly teaming up to do the same.

    I hope this may be of help to others.



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