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Discussion in 'Auto-Trail' started by davetthedon, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Mar 25, 2009
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    Hi All
    Long time no speakee, to busy to have personal internet time!!!! Work presses and all that!!
    As you can see I have an Autotrail Chieftain on a 51 plate. My problem is that the hose from the fresh water tank that drops the fresh water to drain has finally given up. Its broken off just where it pops out of the wooden box end wall underneath the van. Its one of those continuous coil type pipes that once start unthreading keep going until you get to the end. Has anyone undertaken the replacement of this pipe and whats involved? The wooden box construction doesn't look too complicated, just very difficult to get at by lying on your back with 2 inches of space between your nose and the chassis. And whats going to fall on my head when I undo the bolts strapping the tank up under the chassis? Also other pipes appear to protrude from the end wall so these may be in the way if it has to come down.
    Why did autotrail decide to hide the fresh water tank in this way? In other types of van you can see the tank and even work on them easily.
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    Can't help on this diy question, but if you decide to have it done professionally Dave Newell isn't too far away from you and has a pretty good reputation for helping people.:thumb:

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