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    Apr 25, 2012
    evening guys and dolls planning new trip thinking of doing germany austria and swiss. has any body been to hitlers hoose the wolfs lair any in fo would be great:winky:
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    If you're going to Germany, Berchtesgaden is the place to go. There is a lovely site there in the ACSI book and buses run just down the hill, into the town or to Salzburg (well worth a visit). Also, you'll want to go on Lake Konigsee where the lake is unpolluted and the guide blows his flugelhorn (don't be rude) and the sound echoes back from behind the mountain. It is absolutely stunning. We didn't get up to the Eagles Nest because of the weather. The buses are really easy to deal with since the buses all arrive and leave Berchtesgaden at the same time so you get off one and straight on the next. That is Bavaria.

    I didn't think too much of the Black Forest since it is just tall trees and hairpin bends. A good place to stop if you do go that way is Staufen where there is another ACSI site. It is less than a mile into Staufen itself, which is lovely, and you really must have a cake at the patisserie/cafe just as you go in. They have hundreds of different cakes and they all looked fantastic. Also, if you go in the other direction once outside the site, you can walk through the countryside for a couple of miles and you come to a designer outlet place and there is a chocolate shop where there is so much to choose from and all at a reasonable price.

    If you go to Germany, you would do well to drive along the north side of Lake Constance and stop at Lindau. There is a big aire with a short walk over to the town which is on an island. It's a lovely place. Again, the buses are so easy to use. You might also want to drive on the Deutsch Alpenstrasse, alson known as the Romantic Highway, which is a beautiful road.

    After Berchtesgaden we drove into Austria, turned west and stopped at an ACSI site called Natterer See near Innsbruck. Again, a bus trip from the site into Innsbruck with so much to see. The site was recommended to us by another funster and it was well worth a visit. The showers were fabulous as they also were at Staufen. If you go to Natters, you would be better off on the top rank behind reception since you would then be looking out straight over the mountains.

    Have a lovely time. ::bigsmile:

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