Planned French Strike Action 28 March 2013 – 29th March 2013

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    We would like to inform customers that due to potential strike action outside of our control by port staff in some ports in France starting at 7am UK time on Thursday 28 March 2013 until 7am Friday 29 March 2013, DFDS Seaways will not be taking any new bookings for sailings during this period on its Dover to Calais and Dover to Dunkirk routes.

    Customers with existing bookings during this period who wish avoid potential delays may do so without amendment charges by showing their booking confirmation on arrival at the port today or on Saturday 30th March, subject to availability.

    Customers who arrive at the ports of Dover, Calais or Dunkirk during this period are advised to expect long delays.

    The exact nature of the strike, whether this will be a ‘work to rule’, ‘go slow’ or ‘full closure’ of the ports is not yet clear. Should the strike action go ahead, there may also be some knock on effects into the latter part of Friday 29th and early Saturday 30th, so customers travelling on these days are advised to expect some service disruptions.
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