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    Where do you stay when you're on the road?

    at a camp (?) site, side of a road and is there places you leave it when you go out for the day?
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    Jun 18, 2008
    chandler's ford
    when travelling south in winter to get where it's warmer i just drive until i'm tired with regular stops to give the dog a run & stretch my legs. i stop at laybys, service areas or if none of these are available i'll stop in a residential street late at night and leave early in the morning.

    when i get warm, either south in winter or france in the summer, i try to get into the hills or just off the beaten track. there are so many places to stop where you won't bother anyone. in portugal i stop away from the tourist areas (yes you can do this even in the algarve) and when i park up i think i'm in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours. wrong. as it gets dark lights come on all around and the dogs start barking. i've yet to overnight in portugal wothout hearing dogs in the night.

    i walk or cycle with the dog to nearby villages. i drive to a supermarket once a week to get supplies and look for somewhere to dump & fill. unlike the uk rural portugal & italy in particular have public toilets. in portugal i have found new public toilets with free showers in a small village.

    in france i use aires, france passion sites & wild camp. if the aires are busy i tend to use them just to dump & fill then wild camp. in the haute-marne area there are half a dozen aires alongside a canal over about a 40 mile stretch so i don't do too many miles. it's great walking country with a few large towns.

    i use solar panels & a sterling battery to battery charger to charge 500Ah of batteries and use an inverter for the toaster, bread machine, TV etc. i use refillable gas bottles and use an 11kg bottle every 2 weeks. i take a generator to do the laundry ( a portable washing machine & a domestic size spin dryer ).

    water is the only reason i sometimes have to drive further than i would like. i tend not to stay in one spot for more than 2 nights but sometimes only move a mile or two to the next spot unless i need to find water.

    i have never been asked 'what are you doing here?'. i have been asked several times by the local police & residents 'Do you like our town/region?' it's just so different to uk attitudes.

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