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Do Wan

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Sep 26, 2022
Fife, Scotland, UK
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just looking
Ok,here goes,introduction done.My wife and i owned an AS Symbol for 4 years but sold it to buy a bricks and mortarhome.Now we feel we are ready for another motorhome.We always said our next van would have a fixed bed to save making up of a bed.After trying out all kinds of bed we have decided it has to be an island double,or 2 singles.Days and weeks have been spent trawling online ads for something that took our fancy.In the last few days we have been drawn towards a Pilote P740FC,which should be available(new)sprintimeish next year.The 2 dealers i have spoken to have been very helpful and knowledgeable so far.We plan a trip to the Birmingham show in October to view the van and decide from there.Does anyone have any kind of feedback on this model or Pilote in general?Thanks
Jun 16, 2017
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Pilote P650GJ
Happy to help
We have a 2020 P650GJ with twin single beds which are very comfortable the build quality is great, we have had problems with the smart alternator but Pilote supplied a Redarc and a mains charger for the engine battery all under warranty.
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Jan 20, 2019
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Pilote G740
Since 2019
We have a 2017 Pilote G740 with a fixed double at the back and a pull down double over cab. Beds are very comfortable and the fixed bed at the back can be adjusted high or low to give you more space in the garage.
This replaced a Pilote P716 which we were also pleased with but didn’t really like the bedroom bathroom layout seemed a bit cramped!
We are very happy with the quality of the fixtures and fittings and would buy another Pilote if we were buying again.
Hope this helps.
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May 29, 2018
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Pilote 740c
5 years
Hi , we have a 21 plate p740fc it's a great van we like the layout because it works for us even though we have a few little niggles eg the floor in the kitchen area has a bit of delamination which the dealer has tried to fix but couldn't so it is going back to france next month to pilote to fix, but worse thing is the radio it's the pits, but good news is that pilote have agreed to change it so if you get the 740 make sure it has the updated one , the van is nice to drive, auto box is great as well imo , and as said above the bed is sooo comfortable better than at home , I would certainly buy another if I had to , I would also give Richard at Signature motorhomes at Preston a call that's where we got ours from, good luck with your hunting.
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Jul 5, 2021
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Pilote P740GJ
Perpetual newbie
Sorry for a lengthy post, I just couldn't help myself..

We're new to this whole motorhome business, and when we started examining the market back in June-July of last year we quickly narrowed the selection down to Pilote, Bürstner and Dethleffs - they seemed more or less the same quality-wise, financially, design, equipment etc. and after getting final quotes on all relevant models we realised that Pilote, specifically the P740GJ Evidence, really ticked just about every box for us which led us to put the order in and after a fair bit of phoning, mailing and just nagging in general we finally had delivery in June this year (reading other people's struggles and delays I"d say we really lucked out getting a car this year!).. So far it really is all we'd hoped for - not that we have much to compare it to when it comes to motorhomes or motorhoming, but we've seen our fair share of brands and models, cheaper as well as more expensive brands, and compared to most it really gives great value in terms of comfort, convenience, style etc. Build quality is as far as we can tell also quite high, perhaps not on par with the most expensive brands but it's a solid build, we've had very few and only minor issues since we took delivery (and after about 4500km), which since have been sortef by the dealer.

To us Pilote was an upper-middle-class MH that we managed to get at last year's entry-class price - and an additional discount making it a bargain. Had it - or any MH - been priced at today's prices I'm sure we would've ruled buying a MH altogether out long before signing any order.

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Oct 25, 2018
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Pilote P740FC
14 years
Hi, we have a 2019 740FC. Happy with the layout, appearance and quality of the furniture and fittings. The island bed is very comfortable and practical and the spacious living area is ideal for us and especially the huge garage layout. We have removed the sliding door into the bedroom as being only 2 of us, we thought it unnecessary. However, as per the previous comments by POH, we also have delamination in the kitchen area which was not spotted by the Dealership 2nd habitation check. Just being out of warranty, we were told the cost of repair was down to us. We believe Pilote have an issue with their floors. Also, we changed the radio ourselves to a Pioneer system as the radios at this time were poor. Good luck with your purchase.
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Feb 18, 2022
East Kilbride, Glasgow, UK
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Pilote 696U
Used to drive a bongo and tow caravans
Bought a pilote 696u this year brand new , only a couple of minor issues , foot handles falling out magnetic strip catches on sliding doors falling and screws on the drop down bed guide plate falling out. All fixed now , the most annoying was the bed screws . Now waiting for the reversing camera too be fixed under warranty other than that great van , lounge area comfy and the drop down bed is great
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