Pilote 740 damp? (1 Viewer)

Jun 12, 2014
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Our 2017 van has a top fitted sink in bathroom, which means every time you close tap after washing hands there are drips which land on work surface. Despite continually drying around the sink, after a year of use I decided to take the sink out and insert it into the work surface, thereby making the top of the sink flush with the surrounding surface.(I did this with our previous van, a Rapido, and it worked very well). However, on removing the black acrylic screwed onto the wall at the back of the sink, I noticed that water hd started to creep up the wall due to capillary action, and the wall was now turning black. 2 of the 4 screws holding the sink were rusty, and the sink has no sealant between it and the surface upon which it sits. Therefore water can seep under the lip into the cupboard below. Because the surface is made of blockboard, it was too risky to countersink the sink, so I resorted to making a new worktop out of 18mm ply and coating it with epoxy resin with the sink screwed on underneath, and seled with mastic.
It is a shame that Pilote choose not to seal the sink eithher with a sealant or a rubber gasket.

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