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Jul 19, 2007
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The link ends with a workflow for image processing as copied below...

What to do when

So is there an optimum order for these processes? Each will have an impact on the adjustments you need to make in other respects. The routine will depend on your camera, and your style, but this list should help.

  1. Crop the image if required. It reduces the size of the file, saving time.
  2. Make a quick Levels adjustment to get the image looking all right.
  3. Carry out all your repairs, spotting, and cloning. These take the longest.
  4. Levels and Curves now, to get the exposure and contrast spot on. Also carry out highlight/shadow/burning/dodging adjustments.
  5. Adjust colour if required.
  6. Check saturation.
  7. Sharpening. Do this just prior to printing, but save the image un-sharpened.
  8. Image size. Always save at the largest size. It's easy to make a smaller copy, but harder to go up in size.
  9. Back up the image so you have a spare copy.

Is this the order that you process your images in or do you have a different workflow?

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