Peugeot Judder

Discussion in 'Base Chassis Section' started by passionwagon, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. passionwagon


    Jun 24, 2008
    somewhere in Norfolk
    :thumb: My May 2007 2.2 Hdi 6 speed Autocruise Stardream has just been returned after having the reverse gear and clutch replaced-this is a 17 hour warranty task!!!! No more judder!
    The Peugeot dealer also fitted a drip tray to the centre of the scuttle with a long rubber tube to take away any seepage from the centre join in the scuttle.
    Took opportunity for the first service ( year 2 for Peugeot and they aslo greased the Alko rear chassis points (2). Excellent job all promises kept, very pleasent staff.
    For the record the judder problem has only required me to ask the dealer once who contacted Peugeot for them to have a field engineer to confirm judder and authorise. :Smile:

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