Pet Passports - an important check for well travelled pets!

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    Hi guys, I originally posted this on another forum but seeing as I've joined you lot, I thought it might be an idea to put it on here too.:Smile:

    Anyone who takes a pet away under the Pet Passport scheme should check that there is space in their pet's Pet Passports for the 'clinical examination' certification to be completed every time you return.

    Romy, our cross staffie/greyhound, has been to mainland Europe and back 10 times now and there are 'lines' in the Ticks (VI) and Echinococcus (VII) treatment sections for 15 trips, but whoever designed the stupid passport make a right mess of it as it doesn't have enough lines in the 'Clinical Examination' section (IX) for that number of trips, just for 5!!!

    The vets to date have got round this by instead utilising the next section 'Legalisation' (X) which is surplus to requirements normally and have entered their 'clinical examination' certification there instead, however, there are only 5 lines to this section too, so after 10 trips we're having to buy another passport for her.

    So if you have a well travelled dog or cat, check the 'clinical examination' section (IX) and see if you've still got space for the vet to complete it, if not, check if the 'Legalisation' section (X) has space in it for it to be used instead. For anyone who thinks that this isn't important, think again - every time we have returned to the UK this sections has been checked by the Pet Passport office at either the ferry or Eurotunnel terminals.

    Also, as some may already be aware, the Pet Passport scheme is going to be changed from January 2012, it isn't clear yet exactly what this will mean for those of us travelling to mainland Europe with our pets but my vet is checking it out for us as we've got a 'holiday' booked from February to March so I'll report back when I've got more info.

    Since I posted this, others have said that they haven't had the 'health' part of the ir pet's passport checked, so maybe we were just 'unlucky' with ours, anyway, we've got another passport for Romy now so will take both with us and see what happens next time we're out of the UK.
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    I have bumped this as well worth reading. Thank you. Jane :Smile:

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