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    Our Adria Vision has been insured with Safeguard since new (2007) - more by inertia than any choice. As it included AA Breakdown (no size or weight restriction) I was happy with it. Until this year, when the credit crunch started to bite hard.....decided to check out other providers when the Safeguard quote came through - it was for £499 which included the AA breakdown (Home Start, roadside and onward relay etc etc).

    Caravan Club came out tops this year at £299 - amazing saving - it helped that we had both done the CC Motorhome Manoevering Course and I could find the certificates, and were both still members, as that was worth an extra reduction. I can get the full CC Mayday service for just over £80 so even with that, its a great saving. Safeguard were very dismissive when I called to discuss the renewal, laughed at the CC quote, told me I was mad as the insurance was "inferior" and I couldn't hope to get the Adria insured for anything near £299. So its now insured with CC for the next year, and will def check again next year to see if further savings can be had....... certainly pays to shop around!!!!:thumb:

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