Parking infringement in Le Crotoy!


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Jul 17, 2012
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We have stayed many times in Le Crotoy over the years.
A couple of weeks ago we just wanted to go to the Friday market so parked in a parking bay on the approach to the aire, paid 2euros for two hours, displayed the ticket prominently and went shopping.:)
We came back after one and a half hours to find the local flic had put a notice on the windscreen saying we were contravening the parking rules and we would be receiving a letter (presumably a fine) in the post.:(
Our MH is a van conversion so not longer than the bay.:cry:
So our gripe is: why should we have to pay 5euros for 24 hours when we just wanted to go to the market?:whistle:
Has any of you Funsters had a similar experience?(n)
The nearest gendarmerie is in Abbeville so I couldn't talk to them.:unsure:
We haven't had a letter yet.(y)
Mike and Annie:cool::)


Apr 24, 2011
Paignton, Devon.
Sadly none at present :(
Difficult to know--- in France you can suddenly get a bill months after the event.
But if you've got a UK registered vehicle will the French authorities be able to trace you?

Today in local hospital a French registered vehicle was parked on the yellow grid, in the ambulance bay. Driver must have had an eye injury as he left A&E with patched eye, screwed up the penalty notice attached to his vehicle and drove it, with rattling and blowing exhaust ( never would pass a French C.T) out of the car park. He won't get chased for the fine, I expect.

I wouldn't worry, unless there was a sign that forbade vans, you'd done nothing wrong.

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Aug 22, 2007
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Don't worry about it, there's no reciprical arrangement for such types of fines so they've no way of finding out where you are to send you a letter!
Jul 3, 2014
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Parked our Van on the seafront at Dieppe for a walk to the local museum before getting on the ferry to Newhaven. Saw a Motohome only parking area close by but thought the 7 Euro charge was for night only vans so did'nt go in. On getting back to the van the local Gendame had placed a notice on my windscreen. :mad: It said ' next time you park here please pay the subscribed parking fee!' :love: Thats never happend to me in Blighty!
Feb 24, 2013
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I got pursued for balance of a fine, albeit a traffic offence

10 years back had a snooper fitted in my cat, went to Le Mans for the 24 hour race, which I now know is a free shooting range for the French gendarme against Brit drivers, anyway I digress, had removed the snooper as illegal to use in France, but left one of the sensors behind the rear view mirror

Got pulled out of a traffic queue and presented with a UK translation of 'my offence' for ownership of a laser detector, tried in vain to plead that it was not operational

The fine said, up to 750 euro, which is what the gendarme then insisted on, in cash, I only had 600 in cash and although they could have marched me to a cash point they let me go with that amount, kept the sensor

Then three months later wrote to say the matter had gone to court and 'sir the first magistrate' had found me guilty in my absence and awarded the full fine of 750 euro plus 100 euro disposal costs and 50 euro admin

asking for the balance of 300 euro

it was about now that I regretted having private number plates, considered selling it, but as I wanted to go back to France and felt convinced they would wait for my registration coming back over, paid the extra

and I thought I had 'got away with' paying the full 750 :(
Aug 18, 2011
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Don't worry about it, there's no reciprical arrangement for such types of fines so they've no way of finding out where you are to send you a letter!
Think you will find that all eec countries can get owners address for motoring penalties this year...BUSBY:(:(


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Dec 28, 2012
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lots of French coastal towns have a sign at the entrance to them stating motorhomes/caravans are not allowed to park within the town. Therefore you may only park in designated Aires or car parks (if allowed) this is mainly in place to stop the resorts being swamped with motorhomes parking up for 2/3 days
Jun 30, 2013
Cotes d'armor, France
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I think you will find that there are huge signs on the entrance to and around Le Crotoy telling motor homers to park in designated parking areas only, as in most large towns with aires.
A lot of aires allow you to park for free, some only charge you after 7pm for night parking but there will be notices near the aire that tells you exactly what charges, if any, apply when.
Although I agree its a bit tough to fine you when your parked fully within a bay, you are still in a motorhome and if the towns /villages etc go to the trouble of providing designated parking, its only fair to use it.
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