P.B.W.V syndrome- not just a UK thing (1 Viewer)

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Mar 6, 2019
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Hi there. After three long years of staying in the UK, we are finally off on our foreign tours again. After a delightful crossing from Dover with Irish Ferries, No giving money to P&O thank you. We headed off into Belgium. Driving through Luxembourg and on, I have noticed that PBWV syndrome is spread far from the UK.
I speak of course of “Pass Big White Truck Syndrome“ An affliction suffered by drivers of cars and shows on motorways and side roads across the lands. These poor folk see a Big White Van, or as we call them, Motorhome, and are forced by their condition to overtake it at any cost. Some pull out of side turnings with great haste in order to get ahead. Others increase their speed on motorways or duel carriage ways to prevent the BWV from overtaking them, usually only to slow down again in the same lane.
While driving through Europe I have seen driver of many nationalities all suffering from this cruel affliction.
I wonder if this has increased with the spread of another condition called ”ISILTNWSIAG” (I stay in lane three no matter what speed I am going) though this affliction is mostly found on the M25.

perhaps we should take up a collection to provide help for these poor drivers ….. that or one way tickets to very special facilities in Switzerland

Still it’s great to be back in Europe. Currently sitting in an aire next to the Moselle.

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