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P&B Tyres (Oswestry) Excellent service (again) (1 Viewer)

Apr 21, 2009
East Cowes, PO32 6RU
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This is a copy of the email that I have just sent to @brianjojosh (Brian is an RVOC member but not sure if he is on MHF).

Hi Brian (and team),

yesterday, Wednesday 5th of October 2022, I came to your premises for you to fit the 4 x 175/65 R14 86 tyres for my twin axle caravan. We had spoken on the 'phone a while ago and you quoted £46 each which was way cheaper than any other prices I had received.

As Hilary and I were due to tour North Wales it was a simple matter to arrange the route to pass close to Oswestry - we stayed at Cranberry Moss, one of our favourite sites. Although I know your yard is large enough to accomodate the 'van I chose to remove the wheels 2 at a time and bring them to you in the car.

I would like to place on record that your price and service were excellent (as they were back in February of 2013 when you fitted 6 tyres to the TREK) and I would certainly buy from you again if I could arrange to be in the area. I would also recommend your business to anyone looking to purchase tyres that can get to Oswestry - I believe that you can arrange for tyres to be supplied and fitted near to the customer but, obviously, there are additional costs involved.

I close by wishing you, Jo and Josh (and all of your staff) all the best.

Kind regards,



Dec 27, 2020
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Burstner 690G
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Second that. I always use P&B great service great cafe across the road from them.

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