oyster vision 2+ parking problem

Discussion in 'TV & Satellite' started by PaulJaq, May 6, 2014.

  1. PaulJaq

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    Sep 18, 2012

    After a few problems after a windy spell and resetting after loosening the main pivot bolts we have a problem with our dish not parking in the correct place which then causes the system to lock out to a 'y motor blocked' message.
    If you imagine the dish when retracted would be parked in the 12 oclock position, ours wants to park in the 8 oclock position!
    I took the dish pivot off and the top housing, ran the system through y motor init, and when the bolt which operates the microswitch to tell the system the dish is parked in the correct place - was in the vertical position I pressed the microswitch. The system stopped initialising and all was OK apart from the rig was parked in the 8 oclock position. I assembled the top housing and dish back together and tightend the bolts. I then pressed the main button, the dish rose, spun around and locked onto astra 2. All ok. but; I pressed the main button again, the dish retracted - parked in the wrong 8 oclock position flat, and because it was in the wrong position and the bolt was not pressing the microswitch it went back into 'y motor blocked' mode.

    My question is how do I get it to park in the correct place so the dish and arm retract in line with the housing groove / rest and then the bolt will press the microswitch and all will be OK.

    Readingthe instructions you can manually move the dish with the arrow controls but this wouldn't affect the parked position.

    My only other thought was to take the thing apart to disengage the main x motor drive gear and spin the rig round and re - engage the gears. But I can't see an easy way of doing this apart from going in from below the main housing, which means removing the whole rig.

    Any ideas??

    I suppose I could contact oyster sat tech or an agent, but I'm handy enough to fix it myself - I just need to know how??

    Cheers Paul
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    Can't help but I had a similar problem when I replaced the single feed with a twin to feed my Sky+ box on the last van. Had the whole works off the van as I had to drill out the central shaft on the motor to take the thicker cable. Mine was parking more like 11 o'clock and I ended up getting Robert Jackson to sort it at Peterborough 3 years ago. He'd done it in 15 minutes and said "some b******g amateur has been messing around with this" and charged me £40, I blamed the previous owner. :Blush:

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