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Jul 26, 2010
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We have a PVC which we do like but have seen a Chausson Welcome 72 which we are considering buying to try out for a year or so to see if we like it better than the PVC which will be put in storage till we decide. Just wondered if there are any Chausson Welcome 72 owners present or past out there that can give us their views mechanically & usability, did you love it or hate it. We particularly like the island bed & I think that is our main draw but the kitchen is a lot smaller than our present van.


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Oct 12, 2017
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We have a 638EB we bought a year ago having looked at a range at the NEC.It looks pretty similar.
Its our first MoHo and we're very pleased with it.
We love our island bed, it was the key feature we chose it for.There are nice chausson beds that come down from the roof and leave more living space but we're too heavy for them.
We have just two gas rings and a grill but in the summer we use a Cobb BBQ and in the winter a plug in electric frying pan type thing.We're always on EHU being of the site dwelling type.
The dinette is fine for two and in nicer weather we're always outside.Useful storage space around.
The Chausson seems well built and it's snug in the colder weather.

Jim lea

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Dec 13, 2015
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Loved ours, like you mentioned, it’s all about the bed and would definitely have another. We have been in plenty of vans at shows etc, some costing twice as much and very few of them had a bedroom to match imo. Good size garage and nicely finished interior. One niggle was opening and closing the tambour door on the bathroom. The only reason we sold was missus wanted a separate shower. Hope this helps and ask away if you want anything more specific.
All the best

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