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    I know it's a hop across the pond, but, by chance, is anybody going to the Overland Expo in Prescott, Arizona, USA at the end of April?

    Overland Expo.2009

    Next stop on the Vanishing America Journey is a visit to Prescott, Arizona, where BABS (the veggie-oil powered motorhome) and The Greasy Beast (the veggie-oil powered Land Rover) will be Featured Vehicles in the First Annual Overland Expo (Overland Expo.2009).

    This is guaranteed to be a great event, with classes and seminars on overland driving, vehicle recovery, navigation, and first aid, just to name a few. There will also be presentations by well-established overland travelers and a large exposition of products and services exclusively for the overlanding community, including the highest quality equipment, vehicles, camping and outdoor gear to see, test, and purchase.

    (From the Overland Expo website)
    Overland Expo.2009 ~ Adventure, Exploration, & Conservation

    Overlanding is a different way of exploring our world - whether 100 miles or 10,000 miles from home - in comfort, safety, and style. It's camping like you've never experienced.

    Overland Expo.2009 is an all-new and exclusive event for people who see their 4WD or ADV motorcycle as a means to adventure and exploration, and who see travel as a portal to learning about the world, as well as a means to conserving its beauty and preserving its unique cultures.

    No other event for 4WD or motorcycles combines intensive education modules, social opportunities to visit with hundreds of other enthusiasts and to share information and experiences, and a wide array of product and service vendors just for overlanding-related activities, both mechanized and human-powered. Service and conservation organizations, land agencies, and clubs/associations will also be on-hand April 24 - 26, 2009.

    Check them out at Overland Expo.2009!

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