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Mr Bridger

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Jan 4, 2015
South eastern France
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Hi. Mike here. A real newbie with pretty much zero experience apart from ownership of a Citroen C25 conversion from 1985 sold ten or so years ago....

I need to buy a motorhome for work and pleasure and am perplexed by the choices. The biggest choice seems to be the type (I don't even know what they're called in the UK, they're capucines over here) with a bed over the cab area. My concern is that they will drive like a drunken hippo, drink fuel and struggle to reach 70 mph...

So, bearing in mind my budget of around 25000 Euros (about £20K) what kind of performance (top/cruising speed and economy) can I expect from a Ducato over cab bed type van with the 2.8 (127 hp) motor which seems to be fitted to 50% of what's available over here in my price range.

Thank you in advance for your guidance..



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Dec 30, 2013
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Hi, we have a Bessacarr e425 with an overhead cab....you only notice it in high winds,
other than that you d`ont know its there. You can use it for storage ( its holds a huge amount ),
or for sleeping, its your choice.
If I keep to 58/60mph I get about 28mpg, if you drive any faster it drops to about 25mpg.
By the way mine is a 2006 model and the build quality is superb.
I had cruise control fitted and its a boom when on using on long journeys.
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