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    We're about halfway through our trip and the dog managed to bend beyond repair one of the legs of our Fiamma awning. After I finished swearing at him I set about finding a new one. One phone call later to Outdoor Bits explaining the situation and a replacement is on it's way to the site we are on. The next morning I wandered down to the office to let them know we were going out for the day and I would collect it when I got back and it's already there waiting for me. Brilliant service (y)
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    Awning legs and dogs can be a problem. I have solved this to my satisfaction by never putting the legs down to the ground, but using the official Fiamma brackets that you fit to the sides of the van. Saves having to peg them down too. After a time you remember not to walk into them.

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    Wish I could do that with mine but the clip would be on the locker door :(

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