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Did you know in America, that:

Typically RVers travel 4500 miles annually on excursions that total 28 to 35 days annually.

Americans in the age group of 35-to-54 year are keener on owning an RV of their own.

The typical RV owner is age 49, married, owns a home and has an annual household income of $68,000.

With nearly 7.2 million RVs on the road in the year 2001, the sales of RVs have steadily increased through the following years: 2002, +21.1%; 2003, +3.2%; 2004, +15.4%.

RV rental has become a $350 million/year business, experiencing a 63% growth rate between 1997 and 2002, according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the RV Rental Assoc.

The retail value of RVs produced was more than $12.4 billion. Combined with the RV rental market, it is estimated that RVs are $15.75 billion a year industry.

The most interesting part is even non-owners have favorable attitudes toward RVing. A majority of parents owning an RV feel that RVs are the best way to travel with family and children. RV camping has emerged as a more popular activity in comparison to other forms of recreation for satisfaction among participants in outdoor activities. RVing ranked second only to wildlife viewing for satisfaction, the survey found.
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